Homemade Holiday with Alexis Andra

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Making a life out of what you love is always in season. The holidays just make for one more opportunity to celebrate the creative, the artistic and the all-around inspired. With Lucky Brand’s Homemade Holiday, we bring home some of our favorite local talents who represent their communities as they turned their passions into professions. Meet Alexis Andra, founder of The Shift Creative, as she walks us through her creative process as an entrepreneur and shares some of her holiday traditions!
“Use what you have, reach out to those you know and those you want to know, do your best work and BE A KIND HUMAN.”
Product styling and event design is an art of its own. What inspired you to get involved in this line of work?
Funny story: I went to school to pursue counseling after getting accepted to FIDM! I wanted to help people who were hurting because of my childhood experiences with trauma. A lot of people don't see the correlation between art and counseling, but art can be a tremendous catalyst for healing. I got married and was pregnant during my last year of college so I decided I didn’t want to move forward with my Masters as a new mom and was encouraged to start a design blog given my creative abilities and passion. I started out knowing no one, not having a following and not knowing where it would take me, but I started. While the medium looks different, my goal of helping people is still the same. I aim to create beauty in the midst of the chaos and connect with my clients and their audience through design.
Tell us about your creative process.
 Have you seen that cheeky illustration that goes through the process of a creative? It goes something like this: This is an amazing idea. Shoot, this isn't working out. UGH, THIS SUCKS. I suck. Wait, what if I tweak it a bit. This might work. This is AMAZING! I am amazing! HAHA. But really, this is exactly how it goes. Many times, it’s a rollercoaster of confidence and self-doubt all at once. Ultimately, you have to be willing to flex and rework your idea and see the beauty in the process.
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You have a podcast called, “It’s Not What it Seems”. Can you tell us more about it?
My podcast is all about getting to know the REAL people behind the perfect feed. We can get so caught up in social media that we compare our lives to others, wondering why they have that family, opportunity and material items that we don’t. We fail to realize that they, like us, have a story and many times it includes a struggle. On the podcast, I ask the hard questions beneath the surface with people that you may know well from the industry or ’gram.
How do you plan on spending the holidays this year?
My family and I are big on traditions. Typically, we go cut down our own Christmas tree in the forest and this year will be no different. Then we drive through one main street near us where every house is decked with Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate. I could really go on and on about our traditions but those are the main ones!
You clearly have an entrepreneurial spirit. Any advice for someone looking to launch their own business?
Don’t try to get all your ducks in a row before starting. There is beauty in the journey and I am a firm believer that we never fully arrive. We will always be learning and growing, so just START. Use what you have, reach out to those you know and those you want to know, do your best work and BE A KIND HUMAN. I don't care how talented you are, if you are not kind no one will want to work with you.
Check out Alexis on Instagram: @theshiftcreative
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