Caleb Thill’s Lucky Holiday

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In the midst of his photography and content creation, Caleb Thill has had quite the exciting year. Read on to see what #MyLuckyHoliday looks like for him—from family traditions to what he’s eyeing on his gift list.
"...I really LOVED everything I did and accomplished in 2019." 
Tell us about yourself.
I’m an NYC based digital content creator, photographer, and creative consultant covering men’s lifestyle, fashion, travel, and cocktails. I’m based in NYC (Williamsburg to be specific) but I’m originally from Kansas City! I moved to Boston for a year before finding myself in NYC almost 5 years ago. 
What does the holiday season mean to you and how are you making it your own this year?
The holiday season is really special for me!! I LOVE Christmas and start blasting Christmas music and drinking eggnog right after Thanksgiving. I love being more intentional with family and friends and I find it such a beautiful time to all come together and really celebrate the year and everyone's accomplishments, big or small! It’s hard to get home all the time, so the holidays are really a time for me to spend time with my family. I love skiing and getting to the mountains. The last 2 years, my family has taken a ski trip to Colorado right after Christmas which has become a bit of a tradition.
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What items would you add to your wish list from our gift guide? What else are you eyeing to give someone?
1. I love making cocktails for my friends and family when I host… I try to help my friends make cocktails of their own so I’ve been eyeing this cocktail shaker and jigger. The copper is so different as you usually find cocktail shakers just in silver. I love the pattern and find it really really beautiful. I may have to gift a set to myself too haha!
2.Cute gloves are always a nice gift idea! I love the color and texture of these gloves.
3. I LOVE this reversible jacket!! It’s so perfect for the holidays.
There’s a lot of festive events coming up. We feel denim is the perfect staple for day or night. How do you like to dress up denim for an evening out?
I always say, a great fitting pair of dark denim can be very dressy. Especially paired with a suit jacket. I always opt to wear darker raw jeans in the day. It’s super easy for me to come home, throw on a blazer and some nice shoes and hit the town for a fancier night.
Reflecting back on this past year, what was one of your most memorable moments?
I did a solo bike trip through the northern coast of Spain for 10 days. It’s something I will never forget. Definitely was the highlight of 2019. I did a detailed blog post on it.
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What satisfies your sweet tooth?
OMG!! Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I’ve convinced myself that they’re healthy haha!
2020 has been deemed the year of perfect vision. What do you see yourself accomplishing in the new year?
2019 was such a great year. There were definitely a lot of tough moments, but overall looking back, I really LOVED everything I did and accomplished in 2019 - especially all the travel I was able to do.  For 2020, I really want to travel even more - I’m hoping to secure a few big travel projects for work this year, so working hard on making sure those all happen. I’m doing some work for a startup here in NYC so really wanting to invest in that and work hard to make sure it’s successful.
Keep up with Caleb on Instagram: @calebthill
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