Falling For LA: Camille Rowe

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With a new season comes new styles. For Fall 2019 we featured model and muse, Camille Rowe, in an assortment of inspiring looks all designed and captured here in Downtown Los Angeles. Lucky went behind the scenes with the Parisian born, NY-to-California girl as she talked about the iconic LA lifestyle and her most-loved styles from our new denim collection. Check out Camille's personal picks and let some of that it-girl vibe and independent spirit rub off on you.
Tell us about your inspiration behind picking some of the Fall ‘19 denim washes with our design team.
I’m pretty classic when it comes to denim. These washes have the original qualities of the jeans I love.
If you could take one personality and/or style trait from each of your childhood cities, what would they be?
Music from LA., and cinema from Paris.
New York, LA, and Paris have different approaches to wellness. What are ways you incorporate wellness into your everyday routine?
It’s important to me to take pleasure in things. Do what makes you happy, and if it’s naughty: do it in moderation.
What do you feel is the most rewarding and challenging part about being in the modeling industry?
Traveling is both rewarding and challenging: you get to go to these beautiful places, experience different cultures. It’s wonderful. But being on a plane is taxing, and being away from your loved ones can be hard too.
Coco Chanel famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” What is your fashion rule of thumb?
If you’re uncomfortable, it’s probably not worth it.
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If you had to pick one style of jean to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
I’d pick medium-rise, straight leg, long blue jeans.
Do you have any other exciting upcoming projects you can share with us?
I’ll be filming an American film that I can’t speak of but am over the moon about!
Do you consider yourself a California girl?
I like the lifestyle here. I’m a homebody and get overwhelmed by crowds, so it’s a real luxury to live in a city that is full of culture but still be able to go home and feel like you’re in the countryside. I love the outdoors, the sun, and cooking at home. With work I’m lucky enough to go home to Paris or New York frequently and get a dose of hustle and bustle, but then come back to my pretty, quiet house on the top of a very green hill.
Describe your ideal day in LA.
I’d wake up with the sun and walk down to Beachwood Café for some eggs and toast, and then have friends come over to my house to swim. I’d read in the sun, cook dinner with my boyfriend, and watch the Sopranos.
Rumor has it that Los Angeles isn’t a very walkable city. What are some of your favorite hidden gems to walk to in LA?
You definitely spend a lot of time in your car in LA, but there is so much nature close to me. There are secret staircases in my neighborhood, and the Huntington Gardens are so beautiful.
Glass half full or glass half empty?
A glass full of Perrier.
Keep up with Camille on Instagram: @fingermonkey
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