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To kick off our fall denim launch, we’ve partnered with some of our favorite influencers to talk about all things blue jean. From their favorite washes and fits, to how they incorporate denim into their everyday lives, this is how to live in Lucky. Read on to hear more from actress and blogger, Courtney Halverson.
"I never feel more confident and more me then when I wear denim. It's just who I am."
Being an actress and blogger, what do you enjoy most about your career?
I think the best part about being both an actress and a blogger is that I get to explore different sides of my creativity. When I'm preparing for an audition or shooting a film, I get to really dive deep into character development and create a world that the role I'm playing lives in. In some ways it feels like I am painting a person, bringing them slowly to life with each brush stroke. As a blogger I have more of an opportunity to not only write but also to create content. From start to finish, the shoots that I create for my blog are ideas that I bring to life. I love searching out new locations and pulling together the right look for the campaign or vision.
Any upcoming projects you’re excited about?
I have a few trips coming up that I am excited about, specifically Scotland. I've been dying to go back since first visiting two years ago, so I've planned a bit of a road trip / photoshoot to come together there. And I just read a script last week for a project that I am in love with, so fingers crossed on that!
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Tell us about the meaning behind Pretty Little Fawn.
This may date me for how long I have been in the world of blogging and all things internet, but it came from a name I had on my original Tumblr account. I had an account called PrettyLittleDeer, and when I went to start a blog, I found that the name was taken. I've always loved woodland animals, so to go from a deer to a fawn felt right, because starting my blog was me putting something completely young and new out into the world.
If you had the opportunity to collaborate with anyone of your choosing, who would that be and why?
As an actress, I dream of being able to work on a project with Elisabeth Moss. She's proven herself as such a versatile actress, sure, but I would love to be able to work on a project with her as the director and visionary. I think everything she's done with her career has been absolute magic and I would love to learn from her.
What’s your personal mantra?
At the moment it has become to live a life more simply. I think a few years ago I was looking for all of these large experiences and travel and things, really. And while I still love to travel, I think living a bit closer to home, and finding joy in the simple and quiet moments with my husband and my dog are most important to me.
Living in LA, in what ways has the city inspired you?
LA sort of forces you to get to know it, one mile at a time. As you're driving from neighborhood to neighborhood, you pass by all of these spots and streets you've never seen before. There's no real grid system, and LA is such a sprawling beast. You can only get to know it little by little, so I feel as though I'm always learning. And of course the traffic has taught me patience, and that's just generally a great trait to adopt.
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You’re no stranger to traveling. What does an ideal staycation look like for you?
The ideal staycation for me would be a house full of fresh ingredients, a really great new book, and a perfectly clean home. I would spend the days prepping ingredients for a lovely dinner at the end of the night, and would sip a glass of wine with my husband. No emails, no phones, no computer - just a technology free time to enjoy each others company for a few days. And maybe a pool.
Describe your style in 3 words.
Simple, vintage, and uncomplicated.
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Reflecting on the years that have come and gone, what has been one of your most memorable denim looks and why do you feel denim is a wardrobe staple?
I think my all time favorite denim look is a head to toe denim ensemble. A chambray blouse and some high rise loose fit denim is so endlessly chic and classic. I've worn a variation on that a few times and it has been one of my go-tos when I'm stuck on what to wear. I feel that denim is a wardrobe staple because I never feel more confident and more me then when I wear denim. It's just who I am.
What jean from our current collection are you currently obsessed with and why?
I absolutely LOVE the Mid-Rise Crop Wide Leg jean because it's a bit of a departure from my go-to. I don't always rock a cropped look but I feel like this pair is just so flattering and the crop makes it a bit more fun. Pair it with heels for at night, but I'm personally looking forward to styling them with some sneakers.
We know you have a knack for cooking. Any Fall dishes you’re looking forward to enjoying during the season?
I look forward to more roasted vegetables and of course more pasta. At the moment, it is far too hot to be in my kitchen in front of the stove, so, I'm dreaming of being able to get back in there and make some vegetarian Vincisgrassi. It's my favorite dish but it's one you definitely want to take a nap after eating.
What do you hope to accomplish by the end of 2019?
I'd love to get started on a script idea I've had in my head for a while. I've never married my two worlds together and while I write as a blogger all the time, I've never channeled that into a script. I think it would be really satisfying to see my name on a script.
Keep up with Courtney on Instagram: @prettylittlefawn
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