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We caught up with our very own, Nicole Buckley and Jesica Wesley, Marketing and Design managers here at our Los Angeles HQ. These BFFs shared their story of meeting in NY and immediately hitting it off, and how their bond strengthened after they both moved cross country to LA. And of course, we were dying to know their unique approaches to styling denim. Three words: Best. Friend. GOALS.
“Some of my biggest life decisions were made with Nicole in mind! Living near her and working near (or with!) her is always one of my top goals!” - Jesica
How did you both meet?
NB: Jes, your memory is better than mine!! But we met in 2007-ish (right?)
JW: Yes! We met in NY through some friends we both had in music. We hit it off the second we met, but we lived in different parts of NY. Nicole convinced me to get Facebook so we could keep in touch even more and here we are!
Describe one another in 3 words.
NB: Sincere, reliable, and communicative (Jes is someone you can talk to for hours and hours!)
JW: Loyal, compassionate, and nurturing
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There are many factors that play into a lasting relationship. What keeps your bond strong? 
NB: For me, moving out to LA I knew I didn't have any family here so my friends quickly became my family. Jesica and her husband have really become our extended family over the years. She is someone I can always count on. She always shows up for me and her friends.
JW: We are open and honest with each other and we make each other a priority. Some of my biggest life decisions were made with Nicole in mind! Living near her and working near (or with!) her is always one of my top goals! 
If you had to describe your friendship using one song, what would it be and why?
NB: I am pretty sure her ringtone for me is still T.I.’s “Whatever You Like.” Jesica and I go way back and have been through many seasons together. I don’t remember the story with this song, but we were both living in NYC at the time and probably up to no good!
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Best piece of advice you’ve ever given to one another.
NB: Jesica lives her life unapologetically and doesn’t dance around her feelings or her own wants. I love that so much. She is as real as it comes!
JW: To go with your gut and take it day by day. Nicole doesn’t overcomplicate things and she always encourages you to stay true to yourself. 
Do you have any traditions?
NB: We spend a LOT of holidays together, we often gather at her home and I cook for everyone.
Let’s take a trip down memory lane. What’s one of your most unforgettable milestones you’ve achieved together that you’ll still be talking about years down the road?
NB: Honestly, just being able to work with your BFF is really awesome and I highly recommend it. We somehow found a way to work together / around each other for almost a decade!
JW: I agree and this wouldn’t be the first time we worked together. Nicole had just started a job at her company and got me one there a few weeks later. It was such a pivotal time in both of our lives and having each other made it truly unforgettable.
Outside of work, what does a typical day spent together in LA look like and what are some of your favorite go-to spots?
NB: A typical weekend for us usually starts at Elysian Park for a hike with our friends and pups. Our pups are obsessed with each other, so we get them together almost every weekend. We are both pretty chill and love to just hang at each other's house - cooking and hanging outside. We also love venturing down to Long Beach for the flea market as well. 
JW: When we are motivated, we also go to One Down Dog, one of our favorite yoga studios!
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Our brand is known for denim. Why do you feel this is a wardrobe staple and what are some of your must-have fits?
NB: Denim + Tees are truly my uniform and I rarely derail from it! I feel most comfortable and myself. I love that denim is so versatile; casual, dressy, sexy. I love a vintage-style/high-rise jean! I am also loving the new wide-leg trend and have been trying to incorporate that style into my wardrobe more. 
JW: A good pair of denim will get you through a casual day and then a night out, just by changing your accessories. I love the high-rise Bridgette Skinny in black. Add a black leather jacket and some ankle boots and you are good to go!
Any personal tips for transitioning jeans from Summer to Fall looks?
NB: In the Fall, I love breaking out some great boots, but in the Summer, you can usually find me pairing my jeans back to some mules, sandals, or sneakers. 
JW: Layering! Adding a jacket or a sweater. It’s an obvious choice but it really does make you feel like your entire wardrobe has changed.
Lastly, what do you hope to experience together in the near future?
NB: Jesica and I NEED to take a girls trip, preferably international soon!
JW: Wholeheartedly agree! And also anything and everything this crazy life throws at us. 
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