Now Boarding: Summer Travel Plans

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 Get your PTO requests in, it’s time to take an adventure! Whether it’s by car or plane, summer is the perfect time to get away from it all. We asked a few of our employees about their upcoming plans, and of course, their Lucky travel essential.
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"My fiancé and I immediately thought of Japan when deciding where to go on our honeymoon this summer. We both love Japanese cooking so we’re most excited to try the food and tea!"
-Tamar, Digital Art Director
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"I’m super excited to tour the home and works of Luis Barragán, Mexico’s most celebrated architect. I also can’t wait to have some of the tastiest meals imaginable, and explore all the hidden gems in Mexico!"
-Liza, Executive Administrative Assistant
Travel Essential: Striped Fabric Shoulder Bag
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"It doesn’t require a plane ticket from L.A.—it’s only a 4-hour drive! My partner and I have gotten very interested in natural wines and this seems like a great place to visit for exploring vineyards and wine tastings."
-Hayley, Content Strategy Manager
Travel Essential: Colton Wire Sunglasses 
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"My parents bought a coffee plantation last year, and they have been dying to show me their land. They split their time traveling between the US, Mexico, and Guatemala so it will be nice to catch up on their latest adventure!"
-Cristian, Corporate Communications, HR Program Administrator
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"It's wedding season! Some good friends from north of the border are getting married on their home island. And where there's weddings there's free booze."
-Adam, Sr. Integrated Marketing Manager
Travel Essential: Tretorn Nylite Sneaker 
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