#MyLuckyHoliday: Courtney Halverson

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For #MyLuckyHoliday, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite influencers to talk all things merry and bright: what makes the holidays so special and their personal picks from our gift guide. Read on to hear more from actress and blogger, Courtney Halverson.
How are you spending the holidays this year?
This year I'll be spending the holidays at home in California. My family lives close to us in Orange County, so we'll be heading south to be with them. My husband's family is in Orange County as well, so we get to have two holiday dinners in one day!
What do you love most about this season?
I really like that this season means staying home more. Cooking for loved ones, decorating the house … I'm a bit of a homebody despite how much I travel, so it's just nice to get to slow down and enjoy the simpler moments.
Do you have any personal holiday traditions?
Yes! When we first got married, my husband and I made it our tradition to get sushi together every Christmas eve. We spend a lot of time with family in the following days, so having a little holiday tradition that is purely our own is fun.
Any tips for avoiding stress?
For me, I find making lists helps me calm down—taking a look at everything I need to do, jotting it down, and then just taking care of everything one at a time. And of course, remembering that the holiday season is supposed to be a time for joy and love, which means leaving those moments of self-induced stress at the door.
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Do you have a favorite dish that you look forward to preparing and or enjoying?
I love baking pies year round, but especially during the holidays. I make a blueberry pie that has a bit of wine in it that is usually a hit. And the leftovers make for an excellent breakfast.
Tell us about one of your fondest holiday memories?
A few years ago, our friends threw a great Christmas party. They dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, but only using supplies they found from the 99-cent store. We all exchanged simple gifts, took polaroid pictures, and it was just so much fun.
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Let’s talk music! What’s your go-to album of choice and why?
I adore any album by First Aid Kit. Their voices are just so soothing to me and I usually have them playing when I'm at home. And for some reason, I like to wash the dishes listening to Amy Winehouse. Don't ask me why; I've no idea how that started.
Describe your holiday décor style.
I tend to be on the more minimal side when it comes to holiday décor, and I’m obsessed with woodland creatures (hence my blog name). I have a lot of little deer, fox, and raccoon décor that comes out this time of year.
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Tell us something about 2018 that made you feel lucky?
Getting to visit Rome for the first time made me feel so lucky. Seeing all that history, not to mention eating all that delicious food. It was such a special trip and I cannot wait to go back!
Any new year resolutions for 2019?
This upcoming year, I just want to focus more on simpler moments. Like leaving the phone at home and not pulling my camera out to document everything. I want to feel a little freer from technology
Keep up with Courtney on Instagram: @prettylittlefawn
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