The Model’s Life: Martha Hunt

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If you've ever wondered what the life of a model looks like, then you're not alone. While every experience is different, we caught up with North Carolina native and star of our Holiday story, The Long Road Home, Martha Hunt, to give us the 411 on her career, travel faves, and more.
"I feel lucky to be living my dream and having the motivation to achieve more!"
How did you get started in the modeling industry and what do you love most about it?
I got started in the modeling industry after winning a model competition in Charlotte, NC! My favorite part about the industry is that I get to work with people from all over the world, and travel internationally. I‘m naturally very curious and this industry has given me an education in fashion, independence, culture, and the value of being disciplined in order to succeed.
How has being a Victoria’s Secret model impacted your life?
It’s changed my life in so many ways—it’s given me confidence and helped with longevity in the business. I appreciate that they have helped build my name and given me a platform. They feel like family, which is hard to find in this industry! I’m proud to be a part of a legacy that has supported so many empowered, business-minded supermodels. Growing up, I always looked up to VS models.
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Tell us about your experience at Burning Man!
Burning Man was an incredible experience. There were some obstacles getting there and getting things to run efficiently, but when everything worked out, it ended up being worth it! The challenges were all part of the beautiful journey. I was amazed by how much art they managed to display in the middle of the desert. It was also beautiful to see so many people camping close to one another and living harmoniously. I will always be grateful for my first experience there, and never forget the kindness I saw all around me. I’ve never experienced anything like it—it was like living on another planet while being surrounded by positive energy.
As a model, you obviously lead a very healthy life! Do you have a favorite workout you use when you need to shake off stress?
Lately I’ve been doing workouts that help stretch and strengthen the muscles around my spine and my glutes. Working out helps me decompress when I’m stressed out. I try to fit it in three times a week.
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What do you think makes California an iconic place?
California is iconic because of its vast landscape, from canyons and fields, to oceans and desert. There is so much to explore in that one state alone! It’s easy to see how the easy-going lifestyle has inspired so much creativity in the film industry.
You’re always traveling for work. Can you share some of your favorite tips for staying healthy when you’re on the go?
I like to travel with vitamins and probiotics. It’s also important to pack a good book and workout gear, because both can help clear your mind on the road.
Any travel tips for packing? Staying fresh-faced right after a plane trip?
I usually pack a mini beauty kit with rosewater spray to hydrate and refresh my skin after a long flight.
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What’s the most memorable road trip you’ve taken?
The most memorable trip I’ve taken was to Norway to swim with orca whales. We put on dry suits and went out into the water for hours to search for orcas. We saw so many whales, it was incredible!  I also got to see the Northern Lights which had always been on my bucket list.
Tell us your top 5 travel essentials.
1. Resistance bands
2. Good book
3. Skincare (i.e. serum, moisturizer, face mask)
4. A point and shoot camera/Polaroid camera
5. A bikini!
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Name your go-to denim look.
I love an oversized denim jacket with a crop top underneath! It‘s very 90s.
How do you spend Thanksgiving and holidays? Any tips for post-holiday party burnout?
I go to my family’s house in North Carolina, usually after finishing the Thanksgiving Parade (to promote the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show). I love eating a huge meal (my mom makes delicious fried oyster stuffing), then napping afterwards.
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Do you have any advice for young women pursuing their passion?
Believe in yourself more than anyone else possibly can believe in you. Use any negativity as motivation to prove people wrong, including yourself.
Lastly, how do you personally feel lucky?
I feel lucky to be living my dream and having the motivation to achieve more!
Keep up with Martha on Instagram: @marthahunt
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