Driving With Devon Windsor

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With road trips come endless memories to treasure forever. There's also something very special about getting to know your travel buddy a little more throughout the ride. Read on as model and star of our Holiday story, The Long Road Home, Devon Windsor, digs into the details of Fall, her career, and California.
"I am so grateful for all of the people around me, the opportunities I get, and the people I get to work with."
How did you get started in the modeling industry and what do you love most about it?
I was scouted in my hometown of St. Louis Missouri at the age of 14. I then signed on with a local agency, and after that, signed in L.A., Chicago, and New York. I waited to graduate high school before becoming a full-time model. Once I graduated, I worked with IMG, who moved me to different cities to gain experience and build my portfolio. I lived in Milan, London, Paris, and New York! My favorite thing about modeling is how I get the opportunity to work with countless talented people every single day and that I get to visit the most amazing places! This job is truly one of a kind and I never forget to appreciate every opportunity that comes my way.
Name a few style icons that have influenced your style over the years.
I think Kate Moss is my ultimate style icon. She is so effortlessly chic and cool at the same time. I also feel Carine Roitfeld can do no wrong! She always seems to have the perfect balance between sexy, sultry, womanly, and cool.
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What are your personal passions?
I really love to cook and bake! I wouldn’t call myself a top chef by any means, but I really find that I am the most relaxed in the kitchen! I’m also a major nurturer so I love to feed people and make new things for them. I also love animals and children. I’m grateful for my experiences working with children. I love to volunteer at Gallop NYC and every year I visit the St. Louis Children’s Hospital to bring gifts to the kids there. It is so rewarding. I also love fitness and being active. I grew up playing many sports, so that has always been ingrained in me. Fashion is another passion of mine. It is always evolving and changing, and I love trying new styles and moving out of my comfort zone!
Can you share your favorite traditional Fall recipe with us?
Every single Thanksgiving, I love to help in the kitchen. Pumpkin Pie is my favorite—it’s so easy and simple just using puréed pumpkins!
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How do you spend Thanksgiving and holidays? Any tips for post-holiday party burnout?
I’m usually home with my family in St. Louis. It is always nice to go home and be with my friends and family. I usually only go home a couple times a year, so it’s always a nice treat to detach myself from all things work or social-related. I honestly am horrible at working out when I am home for the holidays. I just like to enjoy the moment at its fullest!
It’s so exciting that you’re one of the stars of the new NYFW Exclusive Series, Model Squad, on the E! Channel. This show gives viewers a peek inside the NYFW modeling scene. So who’s in your personal model squad?
I was really close to some of the girls prior to filming, which made it really nice and natural. I would say I’m closest to Olivia Culpo, Nadine Leopold, Hannah Ferguson, and Shanina Shaik.
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How do you spend your “off-duty” time?
Whenever I am not working, I start my morning off with a workout. Then I try to meet up with friends for lunch, walk around do some shopping or errand, and take time to organize and clean my apartment. My fiancé also lives in Miami so whenever I have a couple days off, I’ll head over there to do the same thing.
What do you think makes California an iconic place?
I love California—movie stars, pop stars, and the most iconic people come from here! Not to mention how crazy beautiful it is. In one direction, you have beaches and the other side, mountains. It’s the best of both worlds and has the best weather!
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When you’re on the road, what’s a little piece of home that you bring with you?
My products, I love them all! I could never rely on hotel shampoos or soaps, so I always bring a full travel bag with hair care, skin care and body care. It keeps me feeling fresh and like I still have some sort of routine.
Name your go-to denim look.
I think blue jeans, sneakers, and a white t-shirt is the most basic, easy, and iconic look. It looks good on anyone and is always easy to throw together.
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For those unfamiliar with your vlog channel, why do you feel they should hit the subscribe button and what can they expect to see from you?
I love Instagram, but didn’t feel that people could really get to know me on that platform. I created the vlog so that people could get a better sense of who I am, my personality, and any tips and tricks that people may want to see. I share everything from my travels to my works, skin routine, hair routine, and even makeup tutorials! It’s definitely a lifestyle vlog that really covers a lot of things, I am also always open to suggestions so I try to really engage and listen to my fans!
Lastly, how do you personally feel lucky?
I think to be grateful is one of the most important things you should strive for in life. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful every single day! But don’t get me wrong...it took a lot of work to get to where I am now. But it did take luck and people who believed in me! I think having family and friends around you who support and remind you of how lucky you are is important, too. I am so grateful for all of the people around me, the opportunities I get, and the people I get to work with. I live a very charmed life, so I thank anyone who has had a part in making that happen.
Keep up with Devon on Instagram: @devwindsor
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