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It's not every day that you come across a notable talent with a distinct sense of style and knack for storytelling. Therefore, we highly recommend you get acquainted with singer-songwriter, Harry Hudson. We sat down with the artist as he shared his thoughts on his latest album and tour, his trials and tribulations, and his own special history with Lucky Brand.
"Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a distinctive energy. Be true to yourself and be your own icon. Everyone is an icon."
Your debut album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night, touches on heartbreak as a major theme throughout the songs. What inspired the writing of the record?
What inspired me was everyday life and the act of living. Every song has a meaning to it: from moving from a dark place to a light place, to losing myself and figuring out how to love myself. The most important thing to do is to love yourself, but it’s a constant battle and struggle trying to figure out how to do that. That’s where the music comes from—it’s the inner search for how to find happiness.
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What was your experience like working on your first record, and the actual writing and recording process?
[The record] comes from real life experiences and taking all those moments and putting them into song form. I wrote it like a book: there’s an introduction, chapter one, chapter two, chapter three...and that’s how it is on the album. I see it as three years of my life and what I went through—a lot of heartbreak with myself, my family, women, and all of those experiences of depression, death, and cancer...a lot happened in three years, so how do you take all of that and put it into a short story? That’s what Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night is.
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When did you first form a connection with music and who were some of your musical influences growing up?
When I was a kid. I could hear a song once and memorize the whole thing. My mom would always play Michael Jackson and my dad would play Johnny Cash. He used to sing Johnny Cash songs to me in a rocking chair to put me to sleep. I think I subconsciously remembered all of those things and it made me want to make music. Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, and Bruce Springsteen are definitely my biggest influences.
You bared a lot about yourself and your experiences on this album.  How do you feel being vulnerable is beneficial both as an artist and human being?
It’s okay to be vulnerable. Take it and turn it into a positive thing. I’d be lying to everyone and myself if I said I didn’t feel all those things when I was making this album.
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What does it feel like to be headlining your first tour, “Can Cowboys Cry,” and what kind of experience can concert-goers expect at your show?
I haven’t really taken it in yet, but it’s always been my biggest dream. It doesn’t even seem real. I want people to come and be themselves, let loose, meet new people, forget every worry they possibly had, and jump into something that makes them feel comfortable. I’m going to take everybody on this journey from a dark place to a light place—just like the album—and take them on a journey to find themselves. Hopefully, they’ll walk away with a piece of themselves they never knew they had. There’s going to be a lot of surprises, special guests, and so many dope things...it’ll be one of the craziest tours of all time. You’d better be there or you’re going to miss out.
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As a native Angeleno, how has Los Angeles personally inspired you?
I’ve never lived anywhere else, so it’s all I know.
Our latest collection includes some of our iconic styles. What does being an icon mean to you?
Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a distinctive energy. Be true to yourself and be your own icon. Everyone is an icon.
Tell us about your personal style and your go-to denim look.
I always have to wear something denim, whether it’s a jean jacket or pants. It just fits my whole aesthetic and it’s easy to paint or draw on. I’m usually wearing an all denim outfit. Denim is just classic and comfortable.
We know your father has been a major influence to you and had a few favorite Lucky Brand pieces of his own. Can you tell us the story behind his Triumph jacket and what it means to you?
Back in February, my father passed away and that was the most devastating thing in my life. We all deal with death at some point, and it’s about understanding how to get over it. He would want me to move on and be happy.
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My short film, Can Cowboys Cry, was supposed to come out a week after his passing and I was going to do a show for its premiere. This was about four days after he passed and everyone was asking if I still wanted to do it or if I wanted to cancel. In my head, I heard my dad saying, “You gotta do it! Go show the film and perform, or at least show up.” I hadn’t really left the house because I was just feeling miserable and didn’t have the confidence or the courage or strength to do anything. But I felt my dad pushing me to keep doing the things that I love.
So, I played this stripped down, acoustic show and I wore all of my dad’s clothes. I took them from his closet and wore all of them while I performed — his hat, his shirt, his jacket, his pants (but the pants were hella big, so it was funny!) After the show, my manager came up to me and said some people from Lucky Brand wanted to meet with me. I didn’t really know anything about the company then, but I was curious to about the tag on my dad’s shirt and jacket. I showed him the tag and my manager told me it was Lucky. It was then I realized that my dad only wore Lucky. I looked in his closet again and saw that everything was Lucky Brand. I thought it was so interesting because Lucky was one of his favorite clothing companies.
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Any advice for aspiring music artists?
Be true to yourself, write your own music, have a purpose behind your music, or just do it for fun. Just create, be artistic, and use your mind to do positive things for the world.
Lastly, how do you personally feel lucky?
I feel lucky every morning I wake up. I’m very lucky because I have the whole day to be anything I want to be and do anything I can possibly think of. I can live the fullest life I want to live and be the full me that I want to be.
Keep up with Harry on Instagram: @harryhudson
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