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We headed to Northern California to catch up with duo behind San Francisco-based rock band, Eyes on the Shore. With their distinct sense of style and love for music, Kayhan Golkar and Antrom Kury shared their thoughts on our 121 jean and gave us the inside scoop on their musical influences, new album, and more.
 “We’re lucky to be doing what we love on a daily basis.”
-Antrom Kury
How did Eyes on the Shore get started and what do you feel separates your band from the rest?
K: Antrom and I met when we were kids and started playing guitars together. We eventually started writing songs and played in bands throughout high school and college. I think one of the main things that separates us from a lot of other artists is we never tried to be like another band or sound like anyone else. We've always found ourselves happiest when we vibe off of the natural chemistry between us as songwriters.
Who were some of your musical influences growing up that still influence you to this day?
K: When I was a kid driving around with my mom, she always had old Motown songs going on. I think in some part that has played a big role in shaping my musical ear. Some current bands that Antrom and I both really love are Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and a band from Montreal, Patrick Watson. I highly recommend listening to the album, “Love Songs for Robots.”
A: I grew up listening to the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Santana and a ton of classic rock thanks to my Dad. I still listen to those on a daily basis.
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Tell us about your band’s sound and where you draw inspiration from.
K: We learned how to write songs on guitars so our music used to be more in the vein of psychedelic blues rock. We have taken our favorite aspects of that and started playing with synthesizers, electronic beats and even taking influence from house music, turning it into this tropical festive sound that you can dance to while having cinematic ethereal moments.
What’s one of your favorite songs you’ve written thus far and why?
K: Our song ‘Washed Away,” off our 2016 EP is a special one for us. We were really fortunate when the song made it to the front page of Reddit, getting us some recognition on Spotify and YouTube which has opened up a lot of doors for the band.
How does music personally affect you?
A: The universal nature of music is such a powerful thing, anyone from any place can listen and feel the same energy even if they don’t speak the language. That idea has always been the driving force behind why I want to create music in the first place. And it’s shaped the last 15 years of my life and will continue to carve its way through the rest of it.
K: I love music. It can have an incredibly cathartic experience and is the reason why I chose to pick up a guitar. I love watching concerts and festivals late at night with headphones just watching how bands interpret their songs live. It makes me dream of all the possibilities of what we can do with our new album. 
 “I think one of the main things that separates us from a lot of other artists is we never tried to be like another band or sound like anyone else.”
-Kayhan Golkar
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Recently, you had the opportunity to test-drive our 121 Heritage Slim Jean. What are your thoughts on it and how does it fit your personal style?
K: I was stoked as soon I tried on the 121's. The slim fit is well balanced, and they look and feel great. I was also very happy with the white denim choice. It’s definitely going to be a great stage look for our 2018 tour.
A: I love the fit on the 121 jean. Its slim fit looks sharp on stage, with the mobility to allow us to move freely. They’re stylish and comfortable and can be casual during the day, but dressed up for the show.
Kayhan (pictured right) is wearing: Lakewood Denim Jacket, 1 Pocket Crew Tee, 121 Heritage Slim Jean
With your new album coming out this year, what can one expect from this project?
A: In a good way, this album is kind of a departure for us.
K: We spent the last few months in our studio writing tons of new music and during the new year we went up to a small cabin in the Pacific Northwest spending a week with all of these ideas. We narrowed it down to seven songs and came back to San Francisco with an album ready to record. We are excited to share this with our fans and are hosting a vinyl pre-order through our website which can be checked out at:
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What makes San Francisco home to you and what are some of your favorite go-to spots?
K: I'm lucky to live in the heart of San Francisco in the neighborhood called Cole Valley. I'm close to the beach and Golden Gate Park, tons of beautiful views and amazing places to eat.
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians and or songwriters?
K: Keep writing, write as much as you can. Write every day and don't stop. Listen to your intuition and go with your gut feeling, sharing your story and not someone else's. Eventually, your songwriting will line up with the audience that it's meant for and that's when great things can happen.
Keep up with Eyes on the Shore on Instagram: @eyesontheshore
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