October playlist

Wednesday 16, October 2013 - 3:00 am | Lucky Picks

I’ve been listening to all kinds of music lately. Most songs come from my sons iTunes transactions which iCloud then decides I might like as well – wow. Pretty sure I know more Kendrick Lamar & J.Cole songs than any other mom in town!

I like the classics, but I especially like finding new versions of songs I love. I’m constantly searching for ‘Live’ or ‘Acoustic’ versions of great music. Here is my current playlist – all live, all oldies but goodies – I hope you like…

1016 playlist1 October playlist


  • izzy:) | Monday 28, October 2013 - 7:53 pm

    GUYS I really love my Lucky Brand Hibiscus tan Boots. Unfortunately, they got ruined and it is impassible for me to find these shoes in 8.5 size. You ve got to bring the color back to the collection.

  • Galen | Tuesday 22, October 2013 - 7:42 pm


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