Girl talk with Missy Rayder….

Wednesday 2, October 2013 - 3:00 am | Out + About

Catching up with Missy Rayder is always fun. She is the most inquisitive person I know & she doesn’t forget a thing…she picks up right where we left off as if it were yesterday not months ago! That is a talent I am so envious of. Add that to all of the obvious things Missy has going for her & you can understand why she has been in this business for so long. She is a pleasure to be around…on & off set.

We had a few minutes to kill last week & I asked her what she carries in her bag. Of course Missy has the coolest bag – Il Bisonte, the Italian leather-maker who’s bags become more beautiful with time. It’s the perfect bag for this extra cool, down-to-earth, supermodel mom. She dumped the contents on the lunch table  – just as curious as I was to find out what was inside.

Let’s take a peek…

1002 pic a2 Girl talk with Missy Rayder….

Once we got through those basics she pulled out her travel necessities…
• Passport – check
• eyemask – check
• bording pass – check
• antibiotics – check (A must-have when traveling internationally for a job
& a day off isn’t an option)

1002 pic b2 Girl talk with Missy Rayder….

As we were looking through her things Missy said “it’s nothing that interesting. ” Well guess what? That is what’s interesting right?  She is so down to earth, carrying just what she needs plus some reminders of home. Thank you for sharing Missy (if only we all looked that good with a little Burts Lip Shimmer)!


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