step into september

Friday 6, September 2013 - 3:00 am | Features

Why isn’t September 1st the beginning of a new year? It makes so much more sense than January 1st. In September the weather changes almost overnight, leaves start to fall, we all need to adjust our wardrobes accordingly, kids go back to school — maybe that’s it! I feel like a kid going back to school right after Labor Day – a little anxious, a little excited. I can see the holidays approaching in my mind. I can feel the snow in the air at night. And I know it’s go-time for all of us in the fashion biz.
So before I launch into my (make-believe) new year I took a quick look back into A Lucky Life’s archives. It was a walk down memory lane for sure but mostly it inspired me for the future. There is still so much to do & see. I hope you come along and thank you for reading!
With Love & Luck, KC

LEADING MEN Wednesday 4, April 2012
leading men mdna1 step into september
Have you seen it? The press surrounding Madonna and her new “Girl Gone Wild” video this past week has proven once again that MDNA’s sharp eye for everything stylishly tempting is still on point. Do you recognize our adorable (turned super-duper sexy) model literally blowing smoke at her throughout the song? Read on to see the Lucky + Madonna connection . . . (more)

A LITTLE LUCK Monday 8, April 2013 make your own luck1 step into september
I love Good Luck charms . . . and have many, many, many — around my neck, on my wrists, in my house, in my handbag and tucked into my kids backpacks. There are the traditional good luck symbols: horseshoes, pennies, 4-leaf clovers, a wishbone or rabbits foot, even a rainbow. Then there are personal things that I find or see. When I do, I think of them as a sign of luck — a good fortune, the number 7, heart shaped rocks, a feather, a charm . . . (more)

VAN SESSIONS Tuesday 10, April 2012 nicki bluhm and the gramblers1 step into september
Upon stumbling across a cover of “I Can’t Go for That” in an Hall & Oates ‘Van Session’ video — I haven’t stopped thinking about Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers ever since! Their latest album Driftwood echoes hauntingly beautiful melodies mixed with soulful rhythms while their viral videos bring a new twist on classic favorites.The Van Sessions are genius! — they drive & sing. I LOVE IT! Nicki’s voice is crazy good — it stays with you throughout the day . . . you’ve got to watch these . . . (more)

SHOPPING: SAYULITA  Friday 22, March 2013
shopping sayulita31 step into september
For many years, the only things you could buy in Sayulita were beer, Chiclets gum and some pretty darn good Mexican meals served out of a thatched roof shack on the beach. I remember taking day trips to Puerto Vallarta with my mom to find a regalo (present) for a friend . . . or a souvenir to take home. (more)

PESTO ‘PIZZA PIE’ Wednesday 3, October 2012 pesto pizza whole1 step into september
Pesto ‘Pizza Pie’ Wednesday 3, October 2012Making gourmet pizza at home is easier than you think . . . and a lot of fun, too! The beauty of making it yourself is that there’s more flexibility so you can add all your favorite toppings and it’s usually less expensive than at the pizzeria. After a few tries . . . you’ll probably be hooked and won’t want to wait for your pizza to be delivered! (more)


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