7 things I’m obsessed with now…

Friday 16, August 2013 - 3:00 am | Lucky Picks

Do you ever find yourself doing the same things over & over & over? I definitely have been lately & it goes something like this –

Wake up and throw on my fave Lucky flannel shirt & check my horoscope on Astrology Zone. As the workday heats up my Big Truck Hat hides all signs of a bad hair day & shields me from the sun – my daughter designed this one & I love the crazy colors. Hey Mama is the most played song on my ipod now – Beckett turned me on to it & it’s in constant rotation. If it’s a night in – Cesar salad in our Heath shallow bowl & a glass of red from Orin Swift. If it’s a night out – I’m in my Lucky Leather Jacket (it gets chilly here in Nor-Cal) so predictable!

What are your latest obsessions?

  0816 22 7 things I’m obsessed with now…

1. Heath Ceramics… & my new blue bowl
Lucky Leather Jacket… in love with the color
3. Orin Swift… & all their red wine
4. Hey Mama – by Kanye West… because it’s a sweet song in a rapper kind of a way
5. My Big Truck Hat with the surfboard patch… because summer isn’t over yet
6. Softest, lightest plaid western shirts from Lucky… men’s, size small, for me!
7. Astrology Zone & Susan Miller… because she’s amazing


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