In My Bag: Istanbul

Wednesday 17, July 2013 - 3:00 am | Travel Journal
Packing for Istanbul


I’m just back from an amazing vacation. Of course the worst part about being home is unpacking . . . but as I emptied my bag, I realized how much of my trip ended up in my small clutch. What a great reminder of 10 days in a far away place.

 passport, map of Istanbul, small golden rocks from the Aegean, Euros & Lira, tickets to the Acropolis, snapshots & good luck charms . . . A little bit of everything and everyplace — to remind & remember. 


Galata Tower Istanbul


I took a clutch from the new Mercado Global for Lucky Brand collection and loved it — the graphic pattern, the size and most of all, the story behind the women in Guatemala who create these beautiful pieces.

Read on and be inspired . . . help fight poverty and support these artisan women who are making a difference in their own lives by sharing their craft.



1. Emilia Ikat Tote, 128.00  2. Marabella Clutch, $78.00  3. Cristina Tote, $118.00  4. Lucia Shopper, $78.00  5. Matea Weekender Bag, $298.00 (available in stores)


Lucky Post Divide

Mercado-Global-for-Lucky-Brand Fall 2013 Catalog


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