DIY: Driftwood

Friday 12, July 2013 - 3:00 am | Out + About
DIY Driftwood


The beaches in Point Reyes are some of the prettiest in California . . .
and they have the best driftwood stashes in Nor Cal!

-It’s hard for me to resist bringing home a few of the bleached silvery sticks each time I visit. My bucket at home was overflowing so I decided to try a few of the DIY projects I’ve been envying on Pinterest. I didn’t really know where this was going to lead . . . and that’s exactly how I prefer my Arts & Crafts projects to go.


DIY Driftwood DIY Driftwood


First I laid out all of the driftwood & realized some fit together like a puzzle.

-I then brought out the drill & some strong twine . . . I drilled through the center of each stick and threaded with twine. The result was an organic blank canvas . . . I added some paint, then embellished it with beads & a tassel.


DIY DriftwoodDIY Driftwood DIY Driftwood


On a couple of the remaining prices of wood, I simply painted colorful graphic patterns and added some leather, feathers & beads.

-So easy & so fun to experiment . . . I already have an idea for next time!


DIY DriftwoodDIY Driftwood DIY Driftwood


  • lisa | Friday 19, July 2013 - 1:03 pm

    thats so cool!

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