Cancerian Looks

Monday 24, June 2013 - 3:00 am | Lucky Picks
Lucky Brand Horoscope Style


It’s hard to stay hidden in your shell this month, Cancer. You’ve been anticipating a change drenched in success. All of your hard work and preparation is about to pay off. You are beaming with a newfound confidence that makes it easy for you to standout. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite Cancer looks for you to scuffle along the shores in for the remainder of 2013.


Lucky Brand Summer 2013
For Her: Embroidered Square Scarf, $69.50; Taryn Stripe Cardigan, $89.50;  Jomo Femme Fatale, $49.50; Charlie Super Skinny (Chilli), on sale $94.99; Brooke Plaid Shirt, $69.50


Shaking the heaviness 2012 brought, this year is about regenerating and restructuring your passions. Find time to focus on what you love and let this year reward you with the ultimate goal of stability in some of your deepest passions. Friends and lovers will feel an unfamiliar, but necessary change and momentum. In this time of change, don’t lead with your go-to nostalgic disposition. In order to let 2013 bring you the reward of your well-deserved peace, you will need to fight for your (very-attainable) optimistic future.


Lucky Brand Summer 2013
For Him: 181 Relaxed Straight, $79.50; Baja Striped V-Neck Tee, on sale $29.99; 221 Original Straight, $99.00; Sunset Linen Shorts, $69.50; Hammock Shirt, $64.50; Angel City Tee, $49.50


This is a time to bring out the best in your sign through your wardrobe. You are marked as a standout and its time to reward yourself and embrace your buoyancy. Express yourself with shades of red straight from your ruby red birthstone or straight off your inner crab’s back. If you’re seeking to remain subtle, play off the cool blues of your water sign — and stay near to what you find dear.


  • Andrew | Monday 24, June 2013 - 10:43 am

    The hammock shirt looks perfect for a summer day. Thanks for the post.

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