Lucky Dad

Wednesday 12, June 2013 - 3:00 am | Lucky Picks
Lucky Brand Men


Here come 3 Dads . . . or maybe your dad is all three? Dads are so cool. Think about it . . . who can sport a moustache (at some point in their Dad career), has a thing for cool cars, loves a cold beer, can teach you how-to do or fix ANYTHING, loves you no matter what, always has some word of wisdom, plays classic rock & roll? — They are pretty hip if you break it down like that, aren’t they?

Now lets dress him to match all that coolness . . .
Maybe your Dad is Patriotic? Maybe he’s a Surfer? or just a cool Hipster Dad?
Take your pick and make his day Lucky.


Lucky Brand Men
Surfer Dad: Slub Hooded Pullover Sweater, $129.00; Sand Storm Shorts, $69.50; Mens Venice Cap; Brown Rainbow Flip Flops, $49.00; Hobie Record T-Shirt, on sale $34.99


Lucky Brand Men

Hipster Dad: Tropics Shorts, $79.50; Baird McNutt Ventura Linen Shirt, $79.50 


Lucky Post Divide


 Patriotic Dad: Marina Pullover Sweater Hoodie, $79.50; Pasadena Shorts, $69.50


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