Are You A Gemini?

Monday 20, May 2013 - 3:00 am | Out + About
Gemini Horoscope


Take a double look at your passions this year Gemini . . . as work, health and love begin to appear & take a more unfamiliar, fixed shape. Your easy-going disposition brought you to 2013, but a transitional term awaits you in the upcoming year. Commitment and steadiness are two traits you enjoy to play coy with, but your success is set to flourish after you learn to manage a balance of both. A deeper understanding of your values and goals allows for a natural shift into your 2013 mindset!

Your expected wit and intellect will guide you to create a balance between your most beloved versatility and a long awaited stability — that your path craves in order to mature. Take time to maintain the creativity that feeds your innovative soul and start here with our Pinterest board that points out the best parts of your stars.


Lucky Brand Pinterest


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