May Day

Wednesday 1, May 2013 - 3:00 am | Out + About
May DayMay DayMay DayMay Day

May Day celebrates the joy of Spring & welcomes the beginning of Summer . . . and I couldn’t be happier than to celebrate the bright months ahead! Maypoles, music and dancing historically have filled this day — but how do you May Day?


Orchid LeisAs a kid, it was a day of collecting flowers and anonymously delivering them to my neighbors . . . there’s nothing like knocking on someone’s door & running away — leaving a sweet surprise behind!

Across the Pacific . . . ‘May Day is Lei Day’ in Hawaii! The celebration of Hawaiian music & dance is honored statewide with hula performances and the tradition of giving a lei — a symbol of love!

No matter what your May Day traditions . . . it’s all about the beauty & color found this time of year.


Bring a smile to someone’s day with a single flower — what better day of the year to do just that!



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