Wednesday 27, February 2013 - 4:00 am | Lucky Picks


Neon still looks cool in small doses . . . whether you are wearing it, accessorizing with it or just admiring it from afar — don’t be shy about neon. Take a cue from the streets of NYC this spring and add just the right amount . . . it can make all the difference.


Lucky Brand Belt

Seed Bead Belt with Tassel, $49.50  •  Citrus Beaded Top, $79.50

Lucky Brand Belt

Tie Dye Areille Top, $39.50  •  Skinny Perforated Stud Belt (in Orange and Citrus), $39.50

Lucky Brand Necklace

Neon Necklace (in Orange, Yellow and Blue), $39.00  •  Perforated Suede Top, $299.00

Lucky Brand Shoe

Evia Flats (in Citrus and Maldives Blue), $69.00  •  Ecstasy Flat (Taupe), $69.00


  • petasvintageblog | Wednesday 27, February 2013 - 4:28 am

    Love the belts!

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