Lucky Brand + Irving & Fine

Wednesday 6, February 2013 - 4:00 am | Backstage Pass
Irving & Fine for Lucky Brand


Meet Lisa & Carolina, the creative forces behind the label Irving & Fine. What a treat to collaborate with these two women who live the ultimate bohemian lifestyle everyday. Their love of travel, fashion & color are apparent in everything they do . . . and this Irving & Fine for Lucky Brand collection is sure to inspire the world traveler in you too.

Beautiful embroidery, chic silhouettes & amazing color combinations make these limited edition pieces extra special. Consider them all must-haves for your spring 2013 wardrobe.


Carolina Irving, Lisa Lowman, Lisa FineCarolina Irving • Lucky Brand’s SVP of Design Lisa Lowman • Lisa Fine

“Our first Irving & Fine blouse evolved from a frustration with shopping, a nostalgia for the past and the love of color and pattern. I have always loved the flattering romantic necklines and sleeves of peasant blouses and the unexpected color combinations and intricate embroideries of far away places, India in particular. I will never forget the pictures of people like Jane Birkin, Betty Catroux and  Mick Jagger in the  60’s and 70’s. I think we are oddly influenced by that culture, but love the refinement of Ottoman and Mughal costume.This mix of casual and cool with ornamentation and detail works well with today’s lifestyle. Our blouses and coats look as good with jeans as they do with black tuxedo pants or a YSL long lace skirt.”

spring divide1 Lucky Brand + Irving & Fine


Irving & Fine for Lucky BrandHow did you ladies meet?

We met many years ago in New York when I was working for Mirabella and Carolina was working for Elle Decor.

Which came first . . . love of textiles or love of fashion?

Love of fashion came first. My fondest childhood memories are watching my mother in fitting rooms try on clothes.

What is your favorite piece in the Lucky Brand SP’13 collection?

My favorite piece is the white peasant blouse with the indigo embroidery.

How did you design this capsule collection with Lucky Brand? Walk us through the process . . .

Both Carolina and I collect fabric swatches, pieces of embroidery and even special blouses, dresses, caftans . . . from our travels. We also love researching Palestian, Ottoman, Mughal, Romanian . . . costume.  From there our creative process begins with a fantasy of over the top embroideries and unexpected combinations of color and pattern.  That is the really fun part.  Then we experiment with shapes we like and often go back and forth many times either changing our minds or correcting and fine tuning. We try to be relevant to what is happening in fashion and at the same time stay true to our style and taste.

What is your favorite shopping city?

My favorite shopping city varies on where I last found the most amazing piece or pieces! Calcutta was an unexpected discovery for both fashion and textile. Delhi and Mumbai are regular haunts of mine. Istanbul is a place I love and don’t get to often enough.

What is your favorite city for inspiration?

I am always inspired in Indian, Turkish or Egyptian cities. To name a few Jaipur, Calcutta, Istanbul, Cairo, Aswan . . .

What is your favorite color combination at the moment?

I always love saffron and magenta or burnt orange and pink. For the moment, I like emerald green and purple. 

“I never leave home without my . . . .”

My blackberry and cayenne pepper.


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