Q&A with Amos Lee

Friday 28, December 2012 - 4:00 am | Backstage Pass
Amos Lee


We celebrated the opening of our flagship store in the Time Warner building in NYC with a party just before the holidays. Amos Lee entertained the crowd with his amazing voice and great storytelling skills. I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes with Amos before his performance . . . a very, very cool guy with amazing talent and a good laid back vibe.

Lucky Post Divide

Where is home?
I live in Philly. The city itself is pretty intense to live in –
Amos-Lee Mission Bellbut not to the point where it dulls my senses. I like the pace of Philly, you get a lot of cool city stuff but the pace is a bit slower than NYC.
You travel a lot…so when are you ‘home’ ?
If we’re not touring I’m home most of the time. But for instance in 2010 and 2011 when we were touring I was home a total of 4 months in those 2 years. This year has been pretty laidback & i’ve just been writing . . . so it’s been good.
Tell me about what you pack before you hit the road, what are some of your travel essentials?
Clothes usually – not too many because generally speaking, I don’t like doing laundry. I’m a light packer . . . my guitars, clothes and my phone.
Describe your personal style?
I don’t have one style.  I’m pretty standard. Jeans & Shirts. I’ve bought 2nd hand stuff all my life and that’s kinda how I roll. But now I have some Lucky Jeans so now I’ll be wearing these . . .
Who’s on your holiday playlist?
I like the classic stuff. I wrote a holiday song a couple years ago. I think it’s on YouTube.
What’s it called?
It’s called Holiday Song . . . really great title.
You have played in so many cities, what is your favorite venue?
I have a lot of favorites . . .
The Fillmore in San Francisco, the Bowery here (in NYC), the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville.
I tend to like smaller theaters . . . 700 seats or less. I tend to have the best gigs in smaller places. I enjoy big places too . . . Red Rocks is amazing obviously.
Do you ever get nervous before a show? 
I don’t know if it’s nervous…it’s more like anxious. Kind of the same thing.  I get affected by energy pretty easily. I’ve learned how to get myself in a good headspace before I go on stage and then I’m cool. I have a whole thing I do before . . . cartwheels and stuff (chuckle)
Your last album, Mission Bell took a year and a half to write. When can we expect your next album?
I don’t know that there is ever a definitive time frame when you write an album but yeah, I’ll probably record sometime next year.
You have a pretty impressive list of artists you’ve collaborated with and preformed with . . . who would you most like to sing with now?
A lot of people. I say Bill Withers all the time.  Mike Patton would be fun. There are lots of folks that I really like to listen too. I’d like to get myself in a studio with some people and see what happens…there is still plenty of time for that.
Is there anything I’ve missed? Anything you wish I’d asked you?
Like who was my favorite wrestler as a child?  I think I liked the Road Warrior, there was time I liked The Ultimate Warrior, KoKo B. Ware was cool – I liked all that stuff. I wasn’t musical at all as a kid. I mainly just played sports and video games – normal kid stuff.
Well you turned out good . . .
I’m a work in progress but I’m doing my best. I hope to keep caring enough to stay a work in progress . . . that’s what my music does for me.


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