Layer a Little, Layer a Lot

Wednesday 26, December 2012 - 4:00 am | Lucky Picks
Lucky Brand Resort Layering


Living in layers is the best way to get through these next few months. Here are a few tricks to help you feel like spring is around the corner but won’t look out of place while winter runs its course . . .


Lucky Brand Layering-for-Her

Layer a sheer top over a more solid top . . . gives the illusion of light & airy without the chill.

Add a scarf . . . in a pretty color — feels fresh & fun compared to the neutral go-to colors of fall and winter.

Lucky Brand Layering-for-Him

Button your shirts all the way to the top . . . a trend that still looks great and will keep you warm.

Layer a long sleeve waffle under a T-shirt. Alway looks cool & very Lucky!

Lucky Post Divide
for Her: Maryam Embroidered Floral Top, $99.00; Tina Lightweight Crochet Scarf, $49.50; Lapis Statement Collar Necklace, $125.00; Sweet Straight Jeans (Montecito), $99.00; In feature: Redford Jacket, $119.00; Joan Scarf Blouse, $129.00
for Him: Solid Zip Hoodie (Dry Stain Wash), $89.50; Wilco Plaid Two-Pocket Shirt, $79.50; Drifter Jacket, $148.00; Wilton One-Pocket Popover Shirt, $79.50; Sun Bear T-Shirt, $39.50; 363 New Vintage Straight Jeans (Cozumel), $129.00


  • Deneshia Crittendon | Wednesday 26, December 2012 - 10:52 am

    Love your products own quite a few of your pieces and hand bags.

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