DIY: Lucky Signs

Friday 30, November 2012 - 4:00 am | Out + About


They’re showing up everywhere I’ve been lately . . . these little distressed signs with feel good messages reminding me that life is good! I decided to try making some for myself and couldn’t believe how fun & easy they are to do . . .


All you will need are a few simple supplies and your imagination . . .

DIY Distressed Wood Signs Step 1. Visit your local lumber yard and ask if they have a scrap pile . . . grab any shape or size that looks interesting to you (often the scraps are free).

Step 2. Look for stencils at hardware stores, craft stores or paper stores . . . there are lots of options available (stickers work too).

Step 3. Paint & Brushes . . . self explanatory. Choose your colors and try some metallic paint as well. Stencil brushes are really easy to use and keep your lines more crisp (they have a little sponge on the end instead of bristles).

Step 4. Paint the blocks or pieces of wood with the desired background color and let dry — in some cases, the natural or weathered wood looks great too (so no need to paint everything).

Step 5. Arrange the letters or numbers in the desired pattern and tape down.

Step 6. Paint !

Remember the beauty of these signs is that they are not perfect . . . a few drips & some rough edges add to the appeal. You can use sand paper at any point to distress the paint or letters once the paint is dry. Add a wall hanging hook to the back, let them stack or lean . . . they are great indoors or out!

I definitely got carried away making these on Wednesday . . . there are so many things you could paint. Write your name, a favorite word or saying, your lucky number — I already have a list of ideas for my next batch!


  • Erica | Friday 30, November 2012 - 5:04 pm

    Oh, hey, christmas gifts!!

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