Lucky x Pendleton

Monday 1, October 2012 - 3:00 am | Lucky Picks
Lucky Brand Pendleton


When I think of Pendleton, I think of my grandfather in a bright blue plaid (slightly scratchy) wool shirt — his winter staple . . . I think of camping in the Airstream where the bunks are covered in the softest wool blankets . . . and I think about a cool, classic American brand that has stayed true to its roots.

Lucky Brand x Pendleton have teamed up again this season designing a collection of plaid western shirts made with super soft merino wool . . . the colors are amazing and the light weight wool will take the chill out of any fall day. A few of my other Pendleton favorites are shown here . . .a little cosmetic pouch, a baby blanket (Heroic Chief) & a huge coffee mug — perfect for those early mornings at camp!

lucky post divide Lucky x Pendleton

lucky life text clover Lucky x Pendleton1. Lucky Brand Pendleton Plaid Western Shirt (Red Black), $89.50 2. Pendleton Sioux Star Mug, $21.00 3. Pendleton San Miguel Blanket, $228.00-$358.00 4. Pendleton Set of 3 Pouches (Large Size Shown), $68.00 5. Lucky Brand Pendleton Plaid Western Shirt (Blue Multi), $79.50 6. Lucky Brand Pendleton Plaid free space Lucky x PendletonWestern Shirt (Turquiose Multi), $79.50 7. Pendleton Heroic Chief Crib Blanket, $74.00


  • Galen | Monday 1, October 2012 - 8:34 pm

    I wish I were camping in an airstream with Pendleton blankets!!! Sounds like heaven to me !

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