Wednesday 19, September 2012 - 3:00 am | Lucky Picks


We are known for our great plaid shirts — classic patterns, the softest fabrics, western detailing (or not) . . . Even when they are new, they feel & look like they’ve been a well-loved wardrobe staple for awhile — perfectly broken-in!

As the days get cooler and it’s time to add another layer — Add Plaid!  So, how do I plaid? . . . I go to Lucky!

lucky post divide Plaid a Day

lucky life text clover Plaid a Dayfrom left: Plaid Two-Pocket Shirt, $79.50; Jesse Plaid Western, $79.50; Red Feather Plaid Shirt, $79.50; Plaid Western, $79.50; Riviera Club x Lucky Brand Gaviota Western Shirt, $145.00; Sawtooth Plaid Western, free space Plaid a Day$79.50; Brushed Jacquard Shirt, $79.50


  • Leiah | Wednesday 19, September 2012 - 9:52 am

    Really wish your “Pin it” button let me pin the awesome photos of all those plaid shirts! :(

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