Lucky Brand + Regina Spektor

Wednesday 12, September 2012 - 3:00 am | Backstage Pass
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Lucky Brand celebrated the best of California culture & style with a beachside event in Malibu, CA on September 8 . . . Denim was in full force with both new and vintage Lucky present among the guests in attendance — Joy Bryant made quite the impression in her embroidered vintage Lucky jacket!

The event itself benefited GRAMMY in the Schools with a special performance from Regina Spektor . . . I caught up with Regina to find out what’s at the top of her September playlist & who her dream duet partner would be . . .

lucky post divide Lucky Brand + Regina Spektor

—————————————————-MEET REGINA SPEKTOR
Regina Spektor
Where did you grow up? 
I was born in Moscow & my family moved to New York when I was 10.
Where is home now?
I live in ny, which I love. I’m always wanting to get home because I am on the road so much…but LA is such a magical place, time moves differently here. People know how to rest here which is something New Yorkers have to learn. 
Who inspired you to play the piano and write music?
Both my parents are very musical & inspired me a lot. My mom played a lot of piano in the house in Russia. My dad had also been a musician growing up – he played the violin and played in an orchestra. He was an avid collector of western music that wasn’t available in stores in Russia. There was an underground taping scene & my dad was part of that. Trading sneaked in LP’s and making cassette tapes, building our collection. He influenced me a lot because we listened to bands like the Beatles & other great musicians at home. 
How many instruments can you play and what are they?
I can play piano – it’s my main instrument. Really, legitimately I only play the piano ( laugh).  I’ve written some songs on guitar but I play it really badly (another laugh). Pianos & guitars are so opposite of each other because to play the guitar you have to build up callouses (on your fingers) so whenever I’ve gotten close to that point & then play the piano it feels really weird. You need to really feel the keys, the sense of touch is an incredible sense and you think on the piano you wouldn’t feel so much but you do. 
Summer is winding down and the weather is changing…who is on your September playlist?
I really have been loving Elliott Smith – I came to know his music late and really fell in love with it. I’ve been listening a lot to his album Figure 8 . . . Son of Sam . . . that’s an amazing song — Somebody that I used to know & Everything Means Nothing to Me. The whole record is incredible. 
When I think of fall I think of jazz standards and classic standards. I think jazz in the fall in New York just makes sense – you really feel it,  especially if you walk through Central Park and have it playing in your ears it makes sense. Bob Dylan is on my playlist in all seasons – he just makes sense everywhere , always. 
Who would you most like to sing a duet with & why?
I went on tour with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. If I ever get the chance it would be really fun to do a song together. I love his voice and not just his voice voice….his perspective voice in the culture.
I’ve loved the idea of trying to do something with Tom Waits – he’s also so unique. Ive co-written a song with my husband Jack (Call Them Brothers on her latest album What We Saw From the Cheap Seats) & we really want to write more duets together. We’ve started writing another song while we are out here in California – its really cool.


  • Craig Nelson | Wednesday 12, September 2012 - 12:05 pm

    Do people in LA really know how to rest?

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