Hangtime with Brian Lotti

Monday 16, July 2012 - 3:00 am | Backstage Pass
Brian Lotti Block Printing Lucky Brand


Meet Brian Lotti – professional skateboarder who is accredited as one of the originators of technical street skating. You can wikipedia Brian (how cool is that?) and learn all about his skating career, signature move The Big Spin and current career as an artist and filmmaker.

We spent a day in studio with Brian as he created one-of-a -kind works of art — block printing Lucky Brand product exclusively for A Lucky Life . . . It was all captured on film in the video E.G.P.D.H. Every Good Print Deserves Hangtime!




So how did this project come about? I was lucky enough to have Brian create our Love & Luck signature trio which you see on the blog everyday . . .

A Lucky Life Logo


An amazing talent on and off the ramp . . .check out all art mediums of Brian Lotti at brianlotti.com

Brian Lotti Block Printing



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