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Wednesday 4, April 2012 - 5:00 am | Out + About


Have you seen it? The press surrounding Madonna and her new “Girl Gone Wild” video this past week has proven once again that MDNA’s sharp eye for everything stylishly tempting is still on point. Do you recognize our adorable (turned super-duper sexy) model literally blowing smoke at her throughout the song? Read on to see the Lucky + Madonna connection . . .

Sean O'Pry in Madonna's Girl Gone Wild Music Video

Sean O’Pry is one of our favorite models . . . a charming guy whose All-American good looks and love of restoring vintage cars has made him the boy next door we all wish we had growing up (see interview). The hometown boy from North Georgia sure can turn up the heat!

Tony Ward in Madonna's Justify My Love Music Video

Tony Ward, the Cool & Sexy guy in our Holiday 2011 campaign is also incredibly Down-to-Earth. Rewind to 1990, when we all got a glimpse into the personal moments he shared with Madonna as he smoldered on screen in both her ‘Cherish’ and ‘Justify My Love’ videos (not to mention an appearance in her controversial SEX book in 1992).

There seems to be some connection here with Lucky + Madonna + our Leading Men . . . So, tell us David Gandy . . . has Madonna called?


  • LadiesGoFirst | Wednesday 4, April 2012 - 11:46 pm

    I need to see that video stat!

  • Kevin | Wednesday 4, April 2012 - 9:28 am


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