Lucky Pals: Sean & Britt

Monday 27, February 2012 - 6:00 am | Backstage Pass

Lucky Brand Spring 2012 Sean O'Pry and Britt Maren

Sitting down between takes with Lucky’s Spring 2012 models Sean O’Pry and Britt Maren gave us a glimpse into what makes these all-American cuties smile off camera. Get to know Sean and Britt, and see why we feel Lucky to call them pals!

lucky post divide Lucky Pals: Sean & Britt

• Where do you love spending your time away from the camera?

Sean: My home in North Georgia, currently working on restoring a 1973 Bronco. Did all the electrical and engine work myself!

Britt: Home to Houston, going to a rodeo and hanging out with friends and family.

• When home, what is your very fist stop once you get off the plane?

Sean: Bodock’s Bar—a local biker bar—to hang out with friends (Sean called Mama O’Pry to make sure he gave us the correct spelling of Bodock’s).

Britt: Pico’s Mexican Food.

• As a model, you get to try out various looks but what’s your own signature style?

 Sean: Jeans and T-Shirt.

 Britt: Comfortable. Chic. Relaxed.

• Passion. where does yours come from?

 Sean: Friends and Family.

 Britt: Baking, my carrot cake is awesome.

• If I weren’t a model, I would be . . .

 Sean: A “Convict” (laughter) . . . Marine Biologist.

Britt: ESPN Sports Caster.

• Beats or Skullcandy Aviator Headphones?

Sean: Bouers and Wilkins Beats in white.

Britt: Ear Buds, they’re easy to throw in a purse because I’m always on the go.

• Hip Hop or Country?

Sean: Country with a bit of Hip Hop.

• Any Hidden Talents?

Britt: I play the violin.



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