What’s in Your Bag? Tahoe

Wednesday 8, February 2012 - 6:00 am | Travel Journal

Lucky Brand Filson Denim Sports Bag

Ah . . . Tahoe! My home away from home! I think Lake Tahoe should be the 8th wonder of the world!

All year round, no other place quite captures my heart the same way. There’s nothing like the feel of that crisp air awakening my creative juices as I watch the first blanket of fresh powder fall over the winter. So, I packed a bag and headed inland for some R&R over the new year with my go-to essentials.

Go ahead and take a peek . . .

Lucky Brand top picks for Lake Tahoe

lucky life text clover Whats in Your Bag? Tahoeclockwise from left: 1. Macrame Fringe Crossbody Bag, $149.00, at luckybrand.com 2. Sienna Tomboy Lucky Legend Straight Jeans, $148.00, at luckybrand.com 3. Keep Tahoe Blue Sticker, $1.00, at keeptahoeblue.org 4. Filson for Lucky Denim Sports Bag, $299.00, at luckybrand.com 4. Paisley Park Crochet Scarf, $69.50, at luckybrand.com 5. Sara Happ Lip Scrub, $24.00, at free space Whats in Your Bag? Tahoesarahapp.com 6. Sara Happ Lip Slip, $24.00, at sarahapp.com 7. Naomi Swiss Dot Top, $99.00, at luckybrand.com 8. Pendleton for Lucky Brand 9. Smith Skullcandy Single-shot Helmet Audio Kit, $49.95, at amazon.com 10. Bailey Button Bomber, $170.00, at uggaustralia.com 11. Hooded Leather Jacket, $399.00, at luckybrand.com 12. Skiing Magazine, at skiingmag.com


  • Jeanie Stevens | Monday 13, February 2012 - 5:56 pm

    I am glad you are blogging for us all . Lucky you. Jeanie Stevens

  • Kevin | Monday 13, February 2012 - 3:49 pm

    i LOVE my denim Filson bag! I couldn’t stop thinking about it after seeing it, and then finally treated myself and love it. I always get comments on it at work and when I’m walking around LA.

  • jen | Saturday 11, February 2012 - 9:51 am

    Tried the Sara Happ lip exfoliant. It’s excellent- thanks.

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